How Credit Recovery Works

There are many reasons why a student might not complete their high school requirements. Whatever the reason, you have the option of completing your education and earning your diploma using the high school credit recovery program from Citizens’ High School. Why struggle with underemployment or settle for a low paying job when you have the ability to earn your high school diploma by completing the classes missing from your transcript?

Are you currently enrolled in high school? Would you prefer to graduate early to jumpstart your career or attend college sooner? This program allows you to earn credits at an accelerated pace to acquire your diploma sooner than the traditional four years. You may also enroll in the program to improve your GPA.

The Benefits of High School Credit Recovery

If you are considering high school credit recovery, it’s important to understand the benefits it provides students. Some of the benefits include :

  • Getting back on track easily with a recovery course.
  • Provide a convenient, flexible way for students to complete courses.
  • Recovery courses are a great source for students to make up failed credits from the past school year.
  • No need to take the entire course over again, you can just take a competency exam to gain academic credit.
  • Taking recovery courses to make up failed (1/2 or full) credits.
  • Ability to work from any location with an internet connection.
  • Ability to work at your own pace.
  • Access to courses specifically designed for students who are trying to recover credits.
  • Ability to enroll at any time during the year.
  • Courses worth half-credits are available and can be completed in eight weeks.

    Choose a Course

Who Can Qualify?

If you’ve made it this far, you’re likely wondering if you qualify for high school credit recovery from Citizens’ High School. The following is a list of those who will qualify for such a program:

  • You did not achieve a passing grade the first time in the course.
  • Aiming to graduate high school early.
  • Missed high school due to poor health.
  • Your high school does not offer a course you need for college.
  • Aiming to increase your GPA.
  • You are a student-athlete.
  • You’ve fallen behind in earning credits.
  • You missed time or dropped out to have a child.
  • You dropped out to work.

Improve Your Future Today

Make the smart decision and enroll in the high school credit recovery program offered by Citizens’ High School today. This decision will improve your future by putting you in a better position for acquiring a higher paying job, earning more per hour, and even help gain admission to college. When you are unhappy with your prior life decisions, it’s important for you to make the changes necessary to fix what went wrong in the past. You can do that by earning your high school diploma.

Enrollment is Simple

Enrollment is made easy if you choose to recover high school credits through Citizens’ High School and our programs. Complete a brief enrollment form and you are on your way! You can either text, live chat, book an appointment, call our team or visit us online to enroll in the program of your choice. 

Do Credits Transfer?

Citizens' High School is both Nationally and Regionally accredited. Most high schools will accept credits earned at Citizens' High School, thanks to the recognition provided by our dual accreditation at the National and Regional level.

When Do Classes Start?

One of the best things about recovering credits through an online program is that you can start when you’re ready. Working a lot of hours right now? Start when your schedule slows down. Have a family vacation planned? Enroll and begin studying when you return from your trip. Want to simply wait a year or two until you have enough time to focus on studying? You can begin the process of recovering credits when you are ready.

Credit Recovery Course Listing

    Credit Recovery Courses Semester 1 Credit Recovery Courses Semester 2 Electives
    English I Semester 1 English 1 Semester 2 African Americans in Politics & Leadership
    English II Semester 1 English II Semester 2 African Americans in the Civil War
    English III Semester 1 English III Semester 2 African Americans in Culture
    English IV Semester 1 English IV Semester 2 African Americans and Sociology
    Pre-Algebra Semester 1 Pre-Algebra Semester 2 African Americans in the Modern Day
    Algebra I Semester 1 Algebra I Semester 2 Slavery and Reconstruction in the United States
    Algebra II Semester 1 Algebra II Semester 2 African American Women
    Geometry Semester 1 Geometry Semester 2
    World History Semester 1 World History Semester 2 African Americans and US History
    U.S. History Semester 1 U.S. History Semester 2 African Americans and Urban Studies
    U.S. Government Semester 1 U.S. Government Semester 2 African Americans and the Civil Rights Movement
    Economics with Financial Literacy Semester 1 Economics with Financial Literacy Semester 2 Cooking Course
    Geography Semester 1 Geography Semester 2 Directed Reading in Parenting and Child Development
    Physical Education Semester 1 Physical Education Semester 2 Speech Communication & Debate
    Earth Space Science Semester 1 Earth Space Science Semester 2 Journalism
    Physical Science Semester 1 Physical Science Semester 2 Computer Applications with Keyboarding & Skills for Success 
    Environmental Science Semester 1 Environmental Science Semester 2 E-Commerce
    Biology + Lab Semester 1 Biology + Lab Semester 2 Physical Education
    Spanish I Semester 1 Spanish I Semester 2 Geography 
    Spanish II Semester 1 Spanish II Semester 2 Psychology

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I enroll?

    Simply click the enroll now button next to the course in which you wish to enroll to begin your enrollment. The application will take about two minutes and asks only for basic information and you will be ready to begin.

    Will my school recognize credits that I earn at CHS?

    CHS is both nationally and regionally accredited and therefore our credits should be accepted by all other regionally and nationally accredited schools; each school has the discretion of which credits to accept.

    When can I start?

    You can start at any time!

    Which grade levels to you offer?

    Currently, CHS only offers curriculum within grades 9-12, with no age restrictions.

    What courses do you offer?

    We offer full and half credit core courses and electives such as Spanish, Physical Education, and Journalism.  For a comprehensive look at all of our Credit Recovery courses please visit the Course Catalog

    How long do the courses take?

    Our manageable curriculum allows you the freedom to work at your own pace so there is no specific timeframe.  However, on average students complete half-credit courses in two months and full credit courses in four months.

    How much does it cost?

    Currently, CHS is offering a special pricing offer of $39 per month.  So, if you take 4 weeks to complete a course it is just $39, but if you need some extra time and it takes you 8 weeks or 2 months, it will be $78 for the 2 months. This price includes all fees.

    How long do I have to complete the course?

    Our curriculum is designed with you in mind and offers the flexibility to work at your own pace.  This means there are no deadlines but on average students complete half-credit courses in as little as 4 weeks and full credit courses in four months.

    How does it work?

    Our manageable curriculum allows you the freedom to work at your own pace with the opportunity to complete a course in as little as one month or 4 weeks. Our 8 to 16-week (4 months) courses require one assignment per week, but you can do more based on your schedule.

    How do I transfer my credits that I earn while at CHS?

    We will provide an official transcript at your request to any education institution.  Please note, acceptance of CHS credits is ultimately up to the school’s discretion. Please reach out to Student Services with any questions.