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Citizens High School announces partnership with Serrato Corporation for nationwide Job Corps initiative

Jacksonville, Florida – July 20, 2021—Citizens High School is pleased to announce it is teaming up with Arizona-based Serrato Corporation, a leading Job Corps contractor that operates centers in thirteen cities across the nation, to provide the high school diploma portion of the program. The partnership will be a game-changer for students motivated to start a career in in-demand trades. Citizens High School (CHS), a forty-year-old distance learning school based in Fleming Island, just outside Jacksonville, Florida, is a leader in online high school education that has served nearly 30,000 students worldwide. “This partnership is beneficial for CHS because it aligns directly with our vision of bringing high quality education to all students to assist in improving their economic and social mobility,” says Brian Morris, CHS’s Director of Strategic Initiatives. “Our partnership with Serrato Corp will help realize that vision for thousands of students.”

Serrato Corporation and Citizens High School share a mission of bringing quality training and educational services to a range of students, both traditional and non-traditional. Ramon Serrato, CEO of Serrato Corporation, says, “The Serrato Corporation is dedicated to delivering quality education and services to our expanding clientele. Our foundation for success is to have developed a solid reputation as a top-notch service provider to government agencies, commercial businesses, and academic institutions. For the next chapter in our growth and success we have elected to partner with Citizens’ High School. We at Serrato have been impressed by their 40-year track record of supporting students and organizations such as ours through a combination of innovation, execution and academic excellence. We look forward to a long and rewarding partnership.”

Job Corps, the largest residential career training program in the United States, has been in operation since 1964.  The program has trained more than two million people between the ages of 16 and 24 in careers while helping them complete their high school education. Citizens High School will provide the academic portion of the program at the Serrato-run centers.

“Our huge array of career-oriented course options offers a new level of self-determination and relevance to the educational opportunities open to Job Corps students. These students are already focused on getting an education that will open doors for them professionally, and CHS’s participation as the diploma partner opens that door a bit wider,” says CHS President Dr. Jim Etter, who, as founder of the American Military University and American Public University System, has a lifelong mission to bring quality education to deserving students. “The CHS/Serrato partnership will increase the chances for motivated students to succeed and complete the program—and realize their career aspirations.”

The Serrato Corporation/Citizens High School partnership begins July 30, 2021. CHS will provide diploma services for Serrato Corporation in the following cities: Tuscon, AZ, Detroit, MI, Flint , MI, Little Rock, AR, McKinney, TX (Greater Dallas), Marion, VA, Charleston, WV, Cleveland, OH, Cincinatti, OH, Batesville, MS, New Haven, CT, Manhattan, KS.

The CHS/Serrato Corporation partnership will be an unbeatable combination that signals a new era of opportunities for Job Corps students prepared to build a foundation for their futures.


For more information, contact:

Justin Hodges

Director of Job Corps Services

Citizens High School




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