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Flex Diploma for Everyone

Didn’t fit into any of the boxes? Then, make one of your own! You are unique. Your HS curriculum should be, too. Enroll Now The FLEXable program is as unique as you are. At CHS,

Flex Diploma for International Students

International students Earn an accredited US high school diploma Enroll Now We deliver an American diploma worldwide. No matter where you are in the world, CHS puts a US high school degree within reach. A

Flex Diploma for Homeschool

A flexible, accredited curriculum for homeschool. Finally, a curriculum that works the way you do. Enroll Now Want a homeschool curriculum that is both unique to you and universally accepted? CHS FLEX offers the best

Flex Diploma for Young Parents

Young parents can raise their educational expectations. Your schedule may be full, but we are flexible! Enroll Now Being a young parent doesn’t mean you can’t be an academic success. Being a young mom or

Flex Diploma for Adult Learners

As an adult learner, you have unfinished business. Get started NOW. Finish fast. Move on! Enroll Now Earn a high school diploma fast while keeping up with your busy life. It’s never too late to

Nelson Mandela Academy

Citizens High School Nelson Mandela Academy “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” -Nelson Mandela It’s Time To Change The Way You Learn Orange Couch Civic Engagement courses

Enrollment Form FAQs

Enrollment FAQs What is the difference between the programs offered? 18 Credit Diploma for Career: for students who plan to enter the work force, military, or a 2 year college after high school. 24 Credit Diploma

Truth & Reconciliation Conversation Course

Continue the Conversation with the Truth & Reconciliation Conversation Course In a time of social and political unrest, it can often feel like the country is divided in ways like never before. We believe that

Continue the Conversation

Continuing The Conversation First, sign up for the Truth and Reconciliation Conversations Global Summit The Summit will premiere a thought-provoking documentary that illuminates the process of reconciliation through the stories of men and women who

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Online High School Options

Whether you need a full course path to get an accredited High School diploma, or just want to take some Individual Courses, we have exactly  what you need.  

Diploma for a
Better Job

Tired of the same old dead end jobs?  Finally graduate and move  on up!

CHS Espanol Academy
Diploma to Get
Into College

Prepare yourself  for the next step in your academic journey with our 24 credit hour diploma track . 

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