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A New Arrangement for Learning at The High School Level.

Citizens High School is a virtual, online, high school system.  Any student in a public, private or homeschool can tap into CHS’s online, regionally accredited high school with an omnidirectional learning platform that offers each learner, their choice to over 300 electives, two Magnet Schools and several course concentration Academies and access to the Best Future Findera free “world class” digital high school planning tool that helps each student to customize their learning path to college or career.

At CHS, our mission is to solve your education challenge and provide you with a personalized “take me home” solution.   At CHS, we help students reach their education goal while they are attending their local high school, homeschool or if you choose to be a full-time or part-time student with CHS.  At CHS it’s your choice to augment your education and set your own goals and move through our self-paced courses.

There is no one size fits all education.  At CHS  your education takes its shape in relationship to your educational needs. That means you can take traditional 12-week online courses or set your own pace for course completion from 4, 8, or 16 weeks or even tap into our 1 year directed study and directed reading programs that you and your teacher design.  It’s all about educational choices that you and your parents can design.

I know this short message cannot present the specific solution you are seeking to your educational needs.  However, I invite you to take a deep dive into CHS’s educational offerings and explore the power of omnidirectional learning system.

Good Luck and Happy Learning,

Jim Etter

Chief Executive Officer and Chief Innovator for Your Educational Needs

P.S.  Check out the “Best Future Finder” and start planning your education for your future.

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