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Citizens High School is excited to be partnering with LAN Academy to  bring an exciting and innovative learning experience for Romanian students looking to complete their American high school diploma! 

On this page, you’ll find some information about Citizens’ 24-Credit Diploma Program, our recommended student course plan, as well as a few programs we think you’ll be interested in. 

High School Credits Required for College Diploma Program

  • 1 Physical Education (Recommended)
  • 1 Fine Arts (Recommended)
  • 2 Foreign Language (Recommended)

Our 24-credit online high school diploma for college track offers essential coursework in key areas of study with the flexibility to customize class selection to reflect areas that interest you. 

Your path to college starts here! Program features include:

Diploma for College | 24 Credits

Fulfills all high school graduation and diploma requirements, PLUS additional coursework required for college and university admissions

$129 per month

Sample 4-Year Course Plan

English IEnglish IIEnglish IIIEnglish IV
Environmental, Earth Space, or Physical ScienceBiology + LabChemistry + Lab, Anatomy & Physiology + LabU.S. Government
World HistoryU.S. HistoryGeometry or Algebra IIEconomics
Pre-Algebra or Algebra IAlgebra I or GeometryElective #5Elective #8 or Fine Arts Course (Recommended)
Elective #1Elective #3 or Foreign Language I (Recommended)Elective #6 or Foreign Language II (Recommended)Elective #9
Elective #2 or Physical Education (Recommended)Elective #4Elective #7Elective #10

The CHS Course catalog currently has over 200 courses, including those that focus on IT and STEM. 

IT Academy

Earn high school credit while preparing for industry certifications and applying your IT knowledge to real-world scenarios

STEM Academy

Earn high school credit with a focus on Science, Technology, Engineer, and Mathematics.


CHS is regionally and nationally accredited and the diploma is a fully accredited U.S. high school diploma, recognized worldwide.



Absolutely! You will want to choose the 24 credit program. 


The CHS Online tuition model is simple  – only $129 per month and you can take up to two courses at one time. There are no hidden fees, just study at your own pace, in your own environment. If your student is enrolled for 12 calendar months, the tuition is $1,548 U.S. dollars. 

Yes, the students study completely online. Students are evaluated through their grades on assignments and the midterm and final exams in each course.  

No additional materials are needed. See our technical support page

Students can be granted a course extension when needed. 

You can view our course catalog. Once on the catalog, you can change the middle drop down menu that says all categories to electives. We have over 200 electives to choose from!

Since our program is self paced, you have the power to decide the pacing for your student. The minimum requirement is one assignment per week per course.

The minimum grade is a D which is a 60% or higher.

Yes absolutely, you even have the option to have your own parent login for both of our student systems, Genius and Canvas. 

The student will have access to their progress information in Genius and Canvas.  

You can email your transcript to: studentservices@citizenshighschool.com. The transcript needs to be translated by a certified translator or translating company. The department will evaluate it and transfer in as many credits as possible. 

The student is required to have completed 8th grade or tested for grade 8 curriculum if homeschooled.  

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Online High School Options

Whether you need a full course path to get an accredited High School diploma, or just want to take some Individual Courses, we have exactly  what you need.  

Diploma for a
Better Job

Tired of the same old dead end jobs?  Finally graduate and move  on up!

CHS Espanol Academy
Diploma to Get
Into College

Prepare yourself  for the next step in your academic journey with our 24 credit hour diploma track . 

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Browse our catalog to see over 100 exciting courses you can take for credit  or for fun!

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