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Contrary to popular belief, there IS a choice of courses when it comes to earning your high school diploma. Thanks to Citizens High School’s innovative approach to quality education, students can study online to achieve their academic goals. Instead of spending day after day on a brick-and-mortar campus, CHS students interact directly with certified professional high school teachers online to complete assignments and engage in educational activities that deliver real-life learning, 

No matter where you live, there’s a Citizens High School diploma option for you. Maybe you need a few classes to catch up?  Need to make up classes you never finished?  Looking for a way take all your high school credits online from home?  As long as you have an internet connection and laptop, tablet, or other device, you have everything you need to pursue your fully accredited high school diploma with CHS.

Complete your high school education from your home, on your own schedule, at your own pace and your own time. Citizens makes earning your high school diploma rewarding and affordable.

Don't Settle for a GED. Earn Your Full High School Diploma on Your Own Terms.

Diploma for a
Better Job

Tired of being turned down for jobs or promotions? Graduate with us and advance your career!

CHS Espanol Academy
Diploma to Get
Into College

Apply to colleges with confidence knowing your COHS coursework is both nationally and regionally accredited.

Individual Courses &
Credit Recovery

Our catalog offers more than 200 courses for make-up credit, getting ahead, or for learning specific skills.

Individual Courses to Earn a High School Diploma Online

The online summer school courses at Citizens High School are an excellent way to supplement a traditional high school or home school curriculum. CHS courses are also incredibly useful in finishing a diploma after dropping out, or for learning specific skills that can help get promotions at work. No matter what your circumstance is, each Citizens High School course provides quality instruction that meets or exceeds high school diploma requirements.

Prefer textbooks instead? Explore individual courses using books in our Offline High School Diploma and Course Options.

YES! We Can Help you with Transferring High School Credits.

Once you complete your enrollment for your course you will receive a welcome email and it will contain a link to the transcript request site.  Just click on the link and fill out the information. When you complete your course, CHS will automatically send your school an official transcript and notify you. 

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Online High School Options

Whether you need a full course path to get an accredited High School diploma, or just want to take some Individual Courses, we have exactly  what you need.  

Diploma for a
Better Job

Tired of the same old dead end jobs?  Finally graduate and move  on up!

CHS Espanol Academy
Diploma to Get
Into College

Prepare yourself  for the next step in your academic journey with our 24 credit hour diploma track . 

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Browse our catalog to see over 100 exciting courses you can take for credit  or for fun!

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