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A high school diploma from an accredited American high school can open doors to universities in the United States for students worldwide. All you need in a good Internet connection, an online-capable device, and the desire to learn.

Reasons why Citizens High School is the right choice for you:

Citizens High School has everything you need to earn an accredited American high school diploma, and at a fraction of the cost of other online schools. Get started by exploring all of the services and resources we offer International students and then select the options that make sense for YOU


Two tracks - 18-Credit for trades and 24-credit for college.

High School Credits Required for Career Studies Graduation

  • Student’s area of concentration, with a career and interest focus.
  • Work-based learning
  • Prior learning credit
  • Individual study courses (Recommended)

Our 18 credit hour career diploma track is designed to provide you an academic foundation, while also helping prepare you for your career.

Your path to a new career starts here. Program features include:

Diploma for Career | 18 Credits

Fulfills high school diploma requirements in order to Graduate and move on to a career!

$129 per month

High School Credits Required for College Diploma Program

  • 1 Physical Education (Recommended)
  • 1 Fine Arts (Recommended)
  • 2 Foreign Language (Recommended)

Our 24 credit online high school diploma for college track supplies essential coursework in key areas of study with the flexibility to customize class selection to reflect areas that interest you. 

Your path to college starts here. Program features include:

Diploma for College | 24 Credits

Fulfills all high school graduation and diploma requirements, PLUS additional coursework required for college and university admissions

$129 per month

Click HERE to see some sample four-year plans based on these tracks.

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