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CHS Express Diploma

Earn your high school diploma to open the door to a Career College with our CHS Express Diploma Program!

You want a new career but lack a high school diploma. We can help!

If you want to attend a Career College or other school but you don’t have the required high school diploma, don’t worry. CHS has the answer!  Maybe you are just a few credits short of a diploma or maybe you want a real high school diploma instead of a GED…either way, we have the programs that will open the doors to your next career opportunity! Better still, in some cases, you can enroll in the college of your choice while completing your high school diploma–and you might be able to get credit for your work and life experiences.

First, find out how to earn credit for life and work experiences.

Transfer Credit + Work Experience + CHS Courses
= High School Diploma

CHS Express will be your first stop on the journey to your new career. As an adult learner, you have a ton of work and life experience that we can apply toward your diploma. Scroll down to the CHS Express box below or click here to take the biggest step toward success!

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Second, explore the options below and register today!

Fast Track Graduation

Our CHS Express course walks you through how to transfer your credits, test-out of courses you have mastery of, and plan out your high school diploma

Plan Your Courses

Our course planner helps you choose the right course in the right order so you can graduate with the knowledge you need to pursue your dreams

Tailor to Your Career

Whether you are looking to become a cosmetologist or run your own restaurant; you can tailor your diploma program to your interests

Anytime, Anywhere

Using the Canvas Mobile App you can learn from any location, at any time with a smartphone or tablet

Online Options - Your Path to Success Starts Today

When you enroll in our CHS Express course you can transfer in credits, earn credits for prior work and skills, and earn credit for concepts you have mastered for just $79 per month until you finish the course–and that takes an average of just three weeks! 

CHS Express

$ 79 Per Month
  • Expedites your progress towards earning your diploma
  • Once completed you can enroll in any diploma track you choose
  • Assist in transferring in credit and Prior Learning Assessment
  • Links to test-outs
  • Complete in just a few weeks

If you are an adult who needs a high school diploma, we can help you get it. Fast.

Lots of people leave high school before they graduate. At some point, many decide it’s time to go back. to earn a diploma. We applaud that decision–and we are here to help. 

The questions we always hear are:

 Am I too old to go back to school?    Answer: No.

How fast can I get my diploma?   Answer: a LOT faster than  you’d expect!

How much does it cost?   Answer: it depends on how many credits you need to complete. But, it’s still more than reasonable.

How Fast Can I get My High School Diploma Online?

Step 1.

Step 2.

Complete the CHS Express Credit Course and find out how many courses you need to complete your diploma

The six-lesson Express Credit Course is the first step in what many and to be a surprisingly short journey to a high school diploma.                                Learn how your life and work experience can translate into academic credit.

Lesson 1:  Short Orientation and Overview of course

Lesson 2:  How to request High School Transcripts

Lesson 3: How to organize your Work & Life Experiences to gain High School Credit

Lesson 4:  Identify what courses you qualify for to take a test and pass for High School Credit

Lesson 5:  Identify what courses are left for you to take to receive your High School Diploma

Lesson 6:  At the completion of this course you will have a completed pathway to obtain your High School Diploma

Enroll in CHS’s self-paced online courses and complete each course as quickly as possible at $79 per month

The Express Credit Course Diploma Pathway is a great fit for students who…..

Start now. Here's how.

Please provide your name and email address and someone will contact you shortly.  

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