ASVAB Preparation Course

Purpose of the Course

The Citizens High School ASVAB Preparation Course is designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge necessary to pass the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) Exam.

YOU CAN REFER ANYONE TO TAKE THE CHS ASVAB PREP COURSE. ANY high school student, college student, high school graduate, or adult learner can use it to prepare for the ASVAB Exam.

Course Description

The CHS ASVAB Prep Course is a one-stop umbrella course with a wide range of ASVAB information, a complete study guide, and a full set of step-by-step lessons to prepare the student to pass the ASVAB Exam. Students complete the course at their own pace and can start any time.

Credit or Non-Credit

ANYONE can take the CHS ASVAB Prep Course as a non-credit study guide, OR a student can take it as a ½ credit high school course.

Each branch of the U.S. Military has its own minimum score to pass the ASVAB, but to earn the ½ credit, a student must score 31 or higher. Once completed, the student must verify their score to CHS, and the ½ credit will be applied to their CHS Diploma.

No Cost

This is a full scholarship, no-cost, online preparation course

If you scored a 31 or higher on the ASVAB exam, CHS will award you a half credit that you can transfer back to your public, private, or charter school. All you need to do to earn your credit is follow the simple process below.

Step 1: Complete the Form Post Below

Please make sure to fill in all areas. For the student ID, please upload a copy any of the following: Student ID card, drivers license, or birth certificate. You will also need to submit a copy of your ASVAB score report. If you did not receive one, ask your guidance counselor for a copy.

Step 2: Validation of Score

Once you have submitted all of the information above, our staff will review the information to validate your school so that you may receive a half credit that can be transferred to your local school. This process takes approximately 7-10 business days to complete. If we are unable to validate your school you will receive an email notifying you and the reason we were unable to grant the half credit.

Step 3: Transfer of Credit*

Once the validation is completed you will receive an email from CHS. This email will contain a copy of your transcript that you should give to your guidance counselor so that they can grant the half credit. Your guidance counselor will need a copy of the transcript that you received from CHS. If they need more information about CHS, provide them with this link: click here.