CHS Drone Pilot Course

A course to kickstart your career with drones!

Do you own a drone or are interested in flying drones? How about flying a drone and receiving both high school credit and sitting for the Federal Aviation Administration’s Part 107 examination, which is essential to becoming a professional drone pilot?

$ 79 Per Month
  • Average course complete: 3 Months

Course Details


This course prepares students to take the Federal Aviation Administration’s Part 107 exam, which is a key step to becoming a commercial drone pilot. The field of unmanned aerial vehicles is growing rapidly, as the opportunities to use them for search and rescue, photography, recreation, inspection, and many others continue to multiply. Students will learn the critical facts to prepare for the test’s topics, which include regulations, airspace & requirements, weather, loading & performance, and operations. The course will conclude with a look at the most promising careers in the field of drones. 

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Outline by Module

Instructional Components

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This course prepares students for the FAA Part 107 Commercial Drone Pilot Certification Exam.

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