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Citizens Online High School has no borders

We get asked all the time, “Do you accept international students?” and the answer YES, we have students enrolled from all over the world in our online high school. As a virtual school, we do not have any borders that restrict us – we are open to learners from everywhere.  This has become increasingly more valuable to students during the pandemic as many students who would have participated in foreign exchange programs have had to stay in their home country. We are also seeing more ex-patriots, American citizens living abroad that want to have access to a US-based and accredited high school. Online schools like Citizens have seen a tremendous amount of growth in enrollment this year as more students globally have experienced the freedom and flexibility of learning online. This is a trend that is not likely to change.

Students from every corner of the world take courses with us. Here is list of some of the countries where our students live: Canada, China, Denmark, Ecuador, Gambia, Germany, Indonesia, Lebanon, Mexico, Peru, Romania, Thailand, Turkey, Romania and Ukraine. The list continues to grow! Additionally, we have amazing partnerships with schools like Abbie’s School located in the US Territory of Puerto Rico, and Horizon Education Center in Ankara, Turkey.

There are lots of reasons why international students choose to attend Citizens High School, not the least of which is that we are regionally and nationally accredited. The United States of America is recognized as having the best post-secondary education system in the world, and the gateway for entering our colleges and universities in most instances is having a US based high school diploma. So, many of our students from abroad hope to use the diploma they earn with us to apply to our colleges and universities. Many students also take courses with us to improve their English and have the opportunity to meet with our amazing faculty-members. All of our teachers are certified, making the experience of learning with Citizens a rewarding one. We also have a lot of military families stationed abroad that choose to educate their high school students with Citizens. Our accreditation allows for students that move frequently between schools in different areas to easily transfer their credits between school districts.

More than just convenience for learners home and abroad though, it is central to our mission to bring high quality online education, in what we like to refer to as our “new model for home learning” to every student with the desire to learn, no matter where they are. We are exploring ways to enhance the opportunities to deliver our platform in countries where technology and access to the internet is a barrier. One such example is a pilot program we are working on in the country of Nepal. We are honored to work side by side with the leadership in Nepal to help enhance the existing school system, improving access and opportunity for all. To learn more about our programs for international students, please reach out to a member of staff. We would love to exchange ideas with you!

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