Curious about where your classroom is at CHS Online?  All your courses will be located in one school online with virtual classrooms assigned to each specific course.  This school is called Canvas which is a learning management system that is used by more than 3,000 educational institutions worldwide.  Within each classroom in Canvas, you will have access to engaging lessons, interactive activities, and relevant assessments to make sure you’re learning all you should for your online high school diploma.  Everything you need to be successful is housed right inside your virtual classroom.  That means no books or extra materials to buy!  At CHS Online, your Canvas classrooms make learning easy and fun!

CHS Online Diploma Program

CHS Online High School Learning By Canvas

Canvas Apps

From any device no matter if it is an iOS or Android, the Canvas Student app allows students to work at their own their pace while providing great resources such as interactive messaging with Teachers and Academic Advisors, submitting assignments and viewing their grades with personalized feedback from the Teachers. Students are also provided unlimited attempts on assignments until they reach their desired grade. The Canvas Student app has many features for Student success such as to-do lists, course calendars and reminder notifications.

Canvas also has an app for Parents! This app provides parents with the opportunity to have a glance at their child's educational progress. Parents can view their child's grades,due dates and set reminders for assignments. Canvas produces a complete educational experience for the family.

Mobile Learning Powered by Canvas

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Citizens' High School Online Accredited?

Yes, CHS is nationally accredited by DEAC (Distance Education Accrediting Commission).  CHS has been nationally accredited for nearly 40 years, making us the second oldest active nationally accredited distance education high school in the United States.  We are also currently a candidate for regional accreditation with Middle States Association.  

How Much Is CHS Online Tuition?

The CHS Online tuition model is simple - $59 per month and you can take up to two courses at one time.  There are no hidden fees, just study at your own pace, in your own environment.

How Do I Access The CHS Online Student Portal?

The CHS Online Student Portal can be accessed by visiting the following link  Credentials to login will be emailed at the time of enrollment

Do I Need A Computer To Complete Courses With CHS Online?

Students may use a computer, tablet, or other mobile device to access their courses and review lessons.  A computer and software program such as Microsoft Office or Open Office may be necessary to complete required assessments in the courses.  Please visit our Technology Requirements page for more details on minimum computer requirements.

How Do I Access My CHS Online Courses?

CHS Online can be accessed at:  After you have enrolled for an individual course, or a diploma program you will be given login credentials to access your online classroom directly using the link above.  Our online classrooms are password protected, so must first register before you are able to access the class.

Does CHS Online Have An App?

You can learn more by accessing the site below:

Canvas Parent App:

What Is A LMS?

LMS stands for Learning Management System. CHS Online uses Canvas, a learning management system that is used by more than 3,000 schools and universities worldwide. Canvas’ platform allows for engaging lessons and provides an app so that you can access your lessons on the go from any mobile device. 

What Is An SIS?

SIS stands for Student Information System. CHS Online provides a student portal which allows for account maintenance, course enrollment, and reviewing academic history.

What If I Have Questions About Canvas?

Most questions can be answered by visiting the Canvas Student Guide - or by clicking on the help icon within our courses. All students will have access to a state-certified teacher in each of their courses for any other support they may need. Students may also contact our Student Services team at or by calling 800-736-4723.

Terms & Conditions

Please note that there are two separate Terms & Conditions Agreements for the CHS Online Programs, select the one that corresponds to your specific program of interest:

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