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The CHS Express Credit Course Program is designed for adults who want to fast-track the diploma process so they can get on with their career and life goals.

How Fast Can I get My High School Diploma Online?

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Complete the CHS Express Credit Course and find out how many courses you need to complete your diploma

Enroll in CHS’s self-paced online courses and complete each course as quickly as possible at $79 per month

Complete one course each month until you graduate with your high school diploma

The six-lesson Express Credit Course is the first step in what many and to be a surprisingly short journey to a high school diploma. Learn how your life and work experience can translate into academic credit.

Lesson 1:  Short Orientation and Overview of course

Lesson 2:  How to request High School Transcripts

Lesson 3: How to organize your Work & Life Experiences to gain High School Credit

Lesson 4:  Identify what courses you qualify for to take a test and pass for High School Credit

Lesson 5:  Identify what courses are left for you to take to receive your High School Diploma

Lesson 6:  At the completion of this course you will have a completed pathway to obtain your High School Diploma

CHS Express Credit Course

$ 79 Monthly
  • Plus: Earn 1/2 Credit Towards Your Degree

The Express Credit Course Diploma Pathway is a great fit for students who…..

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Economics and Personal Finance develop economic reasoning through an analysis of the U.S. economy, the global economy, and personal finance. The course covers fundamental principles of economics, including an examination of markets from both historical and current perspectives; the basics of supply and demand; the theories of early economic philosophers such as Adam Smith and David Ricardo; theories of value; the concept of money and how it evolved; the role of banks, investment houses, and the Federal Reserve; Keynesian economics; the productivity, wages, investment, and growth involved in capitalism; unemployment, inflation, and the national debt; and a survey of markets in areas such as China, Europe, and the Middle East. The course extends the ability of each student to understand these principles in the context of personal finance, exploring issues such as career planning, budgeting, credit, taxes, investing, insurance, loans, and major purchases.

For nearly 40 years, CHS has helped adult students achieve their goal of earning an accredited high school diploma so that they improve their career prospects and potentially enroll in a college or vocational school. Now you can easily achieve your goal, without spending lots of time or money. 

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