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Are you a Career College with prospective students that need a High School diploma to start your program?

Citizens Online High School can help! Choose the solution that works best for your organization and let's work together.

Case Study: Tommy's Story

At age 24, Tommy is the oldest of three children from a single parent household. All throughout school Tommy worked hard to take care of his brothers and sisters and try to maintain good grades. However, at age 16, Tommy was forced to drop out of high school to work and earn money to help support his family. During the last 8 years Tommy has jumped from one job to another, never finding the right fit and still only earning slightly above minimum wage. One day on the radio Tommy heard an advertisement for a local career college. He went to meet with the admissions officer about enrolling, but to his dismay Tommy found that he would not be able to receive financial aid because he did not have a high school diploma or GED. Discouraged by the news, Tommy gave up hope of being able to help his family improve its circumstances. 

While Tommy’s story is only an example, many individuals share his circumstances due to lack of high school credentials.

Now imagine a scenario where Tommy is able to enroll in the career college even though he doesn’t have a high school diploma.

Tommy went to the local career college and there he met with the admissions officer Katy. Katy told Tommy of his different options. She told Tommy that her college recently partnered with Citizens High School and that they would help him earn his high school diploma with their CHS Express course. This course allows Tommy to transfer his old high school credits into CHS, earn credits for work and life experiences, and potential test-out of courses where he already knows the material. Tommy wouldn’t have to start all over again. Additionally, because of their dual enrollment program, Tommy would also be allowed to take one course at the career college while completing his high school diploma. The best part was that Katy told Tommy that because of the Ability to Benefit provision of the Higher Education Act, his career college costs would be covered by Title IV and that the career college would pay for the CHS Express course to help get started. That day Tommy went home and enrolled in both programs that would help prepare him to be successful in work and life.

This fictional story above is only an illustrative example of how the new CHS Express course and a dual enrollment program can help benefit students. To find out more on how CHS can benefit your career college or trade school continue viewing this page on different solutions that CHS provides career colleges.

Solution #1 - CHS Express

Don't Turn Them Away - Show Them the Way
  • Turn your unqualified non-high school graduates into near term future students
  • Tell them their High School Diploma can be completed within months
  • Get them to take the first step:
    Enroll in the CHS Express Diploma Course and CHS will get them their diploma and send them back to you
  • Show them the pathway to their dream: Graduating from a Career College with a Degree or Certificate

Solution #2 - Dual Enrollment

Enroll students in Career College while completing their high school diploma program
  • Increase Your Enrollments
  • Incentivize students to start the Career College immediately
  • Reduces time needed for student to start earning income in their new career
  • Career College receives student tuition while student completes diploma program

Solution #3 - Dual Credit

Awarding college and high school credit on selected career and technical courses
  • Selected courses that earn Career College credit
  • Career focused courses that are tailored to meet credential requirements
  • College College course development and enhancement
  • Each institution controls admissions standards for dual credit students

Get more information on how CHS can help your career college.

Working with CHS takes no time, and provides enormous benefits for both the Career College and the future students at the college. The information that will be provided will help you when marketing and admitting students who have not yet earned their high school diploma or GED. By completing the adjacent form, you will receive the following information:

  • Information on enrolling students
  • Marketing collateral to share with prospective leads
  • Updates on new courses and career programs being developed
  • Information on dual credit courses
  • Access to our proprietary High School & Career Planner
  • Information on other services provided by CHS

Learn More About Citizens High School

CHS is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools

CHS is accredited by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission

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An 18-credit diploma program to prepare students looking to pursue a career pathway. Utilize career focused courses to tailor your learning to your career interests

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CHS is always looking to bring new products and services to our students and affiliated schools.  Below is a list of new courses and programs we have coming out.

  • AP courses May 2021
  • Dual Credit courses May 2021
  • Athlete’s Academy March 2021

By guiding prospective leads towards CHS you are not only impacting their lives, but you are also financially benefiting the career college as well.

Through increased enrollments, higher conversion percentage, and reduced student acquisition costs; having CHS as your high school diploma solution center provides enormous financial benefits

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CHS offers the High School Course Planner, which is a quick, easy-to-use planning tool for all students looking to tailor their high school courses to their post-secondary goals

Whether the student is in 8th grade or an adult this tool uses drag and drop technology to easily design their high school course plan.

Adult students can earn high school credit for work and life experiences.

Whether it was through military service, a hobby, or their career skills, CHS can review their experiences and match it to academic content and reward credit(s).

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Allows for adult students to get on track and earn their high school diploma within a few months

Utilizes transfer credit, prior work experiences, and test-out to fast track the student to a diploma

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Career clusters allows the student to focus their education plans towards obtaining the knowledge and skills they will need for their career. CHS offers courses towards the 16 major career clusters

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CHS offers over 250+ courses for students to choose from, many of them being exciting elective course.

Courses are available on our LMS system Canvas, which can be accessed 24/7 from any devise with an internet connection.

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CHS offers international students the ability to earn an American high school diploma without starting over again.

Our International Student Orientation will help seamlessly transfer credits from their previous school(s)

We also offer bilingual courses for students needing English language assistance.

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Looking for your students to take a specific course before entering your career college, yet no one offers it? 

At CHS we believe no matter if it is one student or a thousand students, if they have desire to learn a subject matter, we will offer the course.

Click below to learn more on how we can work with your faculty member(s) to developed tailored high school and dual credit courses for your program.

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