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First, find out how to earn credit for life and work experiences.

Transfer Credit + Work Experience + CHS Express Courses = HS Diploma

CHS Express should be your first stop on the journey to your new career. As an adult learner, you have a ton of work and life experience that we can apply toward your diploma. Scroll down to the CHS Express box below or click here to take the biggest step toward success!


Second, take a look at what you need to complete a diploma:

High School Credits Required for Career Studies Graduation

Our 18 credit hour career diploma track is designed to provide you an academic foundation, while also helping prepare you for your career.

Program features include:

Your path to a new career starts with the FLEX Career Diploma.

Third, explore the options below and register today!

Fast Track Graduation

Our CHS Express course walks you through how to transfer your credits, test-out of courses you have mastery of, and plan out your high school diploma

Plan Your Courses

Our course planner helps you choose the right course in the right order so you can graduate with the knowledge you need to pursue your dreams

Tailor to Your Career

Whether you are looking to become a cosmetologist or run your own restaurant; you can tailor your diploma program to your interests

Online Options - Your Path to Success Starts Today

Choose from your Online Diploma Pathways for $129 per month, or our CHS Express course which allows you to transfer in credits, earn credits for prior work and skills, and earn credit for concepts you have mastered for just $79 per month until you finish the course–and that takes an average of just three weeks! 

Enroll HERE today and get started right away! 

Diploma for Career | 18 Credits

$ 129 Per Month
  • Fulfills high school diploma requirements in order to graduate
  • 3 year program
  • 6 credits per year
  • Language learning aids available
  • Must complete 25% od the credits with CHS to earn diploma

CHS Express

$ 79 Per Month
  • Expedites your progress towards earning your diploma
  • Once completed you can enroll in any diploma track you choose
  • Assist in transfering in credit and Prior Learning Assessment
  • Links to test-outs
  • Complete in just a few days

Needing assistance in making tuition payments? Visit our Funding Education page for more information. 

Want to sample a course?

Introduction to Coding

Have you ever wanted to create your own web page or wondered how your favorite websites were built? Maybe you want to know more about how computers and technology are affecting the world around us. In Coding 1a: Introduction to Programming, you will explore the role technology plays in our lives as well as study the fundamentals of computer science, review hardware and software, and learn how the internet functions. You will also discover how to create and build your own website using HTML and CSS and learn basic and complex commands and sequences as you become familiar with programming languages like JavaScript and Python Programming. This course also covers data collection methods, access rights, protocols, and security.

Match Your Career Goals to Your Learning

In school did you ever ask yourself, when am I ever going to use this subject? At CHS, we believe all learning should be tailored to your specific career goals.  To assist you, we are providing you with tools and resources to make it easier for you to match your learning and career goals.

Use our Career Planning Resource Guide to provide you a learning pathway to attain the skills and knowledge you will require to pursue your career choice.

Career Planning Downloadable

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, CHS is accredited by DEAC (Distance Education Accrediting Commission). CHS has been accredited for nearly 40 years, making us one of the oldest DEAC accredited schools. We are also Accredited with Middle States Association. 

Yes, while CHS does not guarantee employment or acceptance into a specific college or university, or diploma is nationally accredited and our credits are accepted at most public and private universities. For those students interested in continuing their educations at 4-year institutions, we strongly recommend enrollment in our College Diploma track. For student interested in entering directly into the workforce, we suggest completing the Career Diploma track. 

Our classes are designed to be completed in 16 weeks. Which means you will complete one lesson per week. Each of our lessons are engaging and interactive, See for yourself in our course demo. 

Our courses are designed to be completed in 16 weeks, by taking one lesson per week. By doubling or tripling the amount of lessons you complete each week, you can finish a course in as little 28 days. It is up t o you to set the pace that works best for your schedule. 

Your CHS teachers are here to help! You can reach out to your teacher via email, telephone, or text message. On the homepage of each course, each teacher provides their listed phone number, be prepared to leave a detailed voice message including your name, course, phone number, and a brief description of your specific question. Teachers will return your phone call or email within two business days. Typically, our response time is much faster, and our faculty are eager to support your success. 

For best performance, you should access your courses with a computer that supports the most recent browser versions. It is recommended to use a computer five years or newer with at least 1 GB of RAM. You can also access your courses with the Canvas Student app. The Canvas Student app can be easily downloaded from your App Store. For parents, there is also the Canvas Parent App which allows you to track your students progress, see their current grades, and communicate with the teacher. 

There are multiple ways in which a student or parents can get help and ask questions. You can live chat with our student services department via the website, or send us an email at You can also call our student services or academics team at 1-866-740-4053 Monday through Friday 9AM 0 5PM Eastern Standard Time. 

CHS is confident you will be satisfied with yoru choice in education. Should you change your mind, CHS will refund your tuition according to the following refund policy per the requirements set forth by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission. Our refund policy is designed for what is in the best of the student and parent. For more information about our refund policy, click here

The Express Diploma Pathway is a fast track or accelerated method for adult learners to quickly earn their high school diploma which qualifies them to enroll in Career Colleges. Most adult students interested in career college already possess high school credits together with work and life experiences that can result in an opportunity to earn credit for learning outside the classroom.

The CHS Express Pathway Evaluation allows Citizens High School to evaluate a prospective career college applications total academic development, both in the classroom and out, and apply the total credits towards their high school diploma. The results of the Express Pathway Evaluation will tell you how many courses you need to complete to earn your high school diploma allowing you to enroll in a career college. On average we find that majority of students are 3 or 4 credits short from earning an 18-credit career pathway high school diploma competition frame for 3 to 4 credit. Completion is around 4-5 months time when taking two courses at a time. 

We provide students our Experiential Learning Form which prompts students to provide relevant information on the skills and accomplishments gained in their work environment which they submit to CHS which in turn allows our school to evaluate the student both in  and outside an academic setting.  We then apply the total credits towards their high school diploma.  The results will tell you how many courses they need to complete to earn their high school diploma allowing them to enroll in your career college.

Prior Learning Assessment

Yes, CHS does provide high school transcript evaluations.  To learn more click here or visit our Adult Students Page.

For nearly 40 years, CHS has helped students of all ages achieve their goal of improving their career prospects.  For many of these students the first step towards that goal was earning their high school diploma.  CHS believes earning your high school diploma should be a rewarding experience, that doesn’t cost a lot of money or takes away all of your time.  Below you will see how you can tailor your learning to your career interests.