Why Choose Citizens' High School?

July 2, 2019

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Why Citizens’ High School?

Today, there are many schools to choose from when looking for alternative education. CHS, however, stands out thanks to many features that can’t be found at other schools. CHS strives to give students the best opportunities with our innovative, special qualities. 

Exclusive Scholarship Opportunities

Citizens’ High School believes every student should be able to earn their high school diploma without facing financial restrictions. This is why CHS offers multiple scholarships for students to apply to. Some offer over $1,000 to be put towards that student’s education. In addition to CHS’ exclusive scholarships, there are also links provided to learn more about other ways to fund your education, such as other private scholarships. Learn more here.

Faster Transcripts

At Citizens’ High School, due to our smaller size, students are able to receive transcripts faster. No longer will a student wait weeks upon weeks to receive their transcript. This means enrollment will be a quicker process, so students can start their classes sooner. Being able to start classes sooner means finishing them faster, and earning their high school diploma or course credits at an accelerated rate. 

Unique Programs

When you choose Citizens’ High School, you are choosing academic freedom. CHS offers a wide variety of courses available, so students can tailor their schedule to fit their individual needs. Special programs like our CHS Unplugged Program, Espanol Pathway, Teen Mom Pathway, and African American Studies Program are unique to CHS and give students more choices when earning credits towards their high school diploma. There is an option for everyone at CHS, and any student will be able to customize their studies to strengthen areas of knowledge they’ll use to achieve their future goals. 

Accessible Support

Citizens’ High School is proud to help students along their journey to further education. CHS offers one-on-one Learning Coach Support to give aid to students when needed. CHS also has Tech Support available if technical difficulties halt a student’s learning. Along with those resources, Citizens’ High School staff is reachable by text, call, email, and live chat on our website. CHS is there to make sure students can complete their courses and earn their diploma without getting stuck along the way. 

Rolling Enrollment

If all of these perks sound good, and you’re interested in applying, that actually brings up another feature: rolling enrollment. CHS has rolling enrollment, which means you can enroll and begin your courses anytime, without having to worry about missing any deadlines. CHS has no age or location restrictions, so anyone can enroll and begin their own learning journey today. Call us at 800-736-4723 or get more information about enrollment here.