Tips on Managing Your Online High School Workload

July 15, 2019

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Enrolling in online classes to obtain your high school diploma is one of the options available to you throughout the country. You don’t have to attend a traditional high school in order to secure a diploma. With online classes, you are able to schedule coursework based on your personal schedule and have a reasonable schoolwork schedule. You won’t have to take time away from work if you are earning money to pay for your car or other expenses. The team from Citizens’ High School is here to provide you with tips on managing your online high school workload.

Create Multiple Schedules

Once you enroll in a program, you need to create multiple schedules. There should be three schedules on your calendar, including one for the entire semester, a weekly schedule, and a daily schedule. The semester schedule should have all of the due dates listed on it for papers, tests, projects, and other deadlines. Create your weekly schedule every Sunday night. Make sure each class for the week is included. You then need to create a schedule each day of the week that has what you need to accomplish listed on it.

Find a Dedicated Space

If you will be completing the majority of your online work at home, be sure to find a dedicated space to study and complete assignments. This can be the kitchen table, a basement office, a desk in your bedroom, or even the patio. Try to use the same space each time you sit down to study so that you get into a rhythm.

Prioritize Classes and Assignments

You need to prioritize your schedule based on the hardest, or most difficult, classes and topics. The most difficult courses or assignments should be handled first during your day of studying. That way you won’t struggle to complete assignments towards the end of the day. Knock out the harder assignments and studying first, so you have a feeling of accomplishment to go through the rest of the day.

Block Out Study Time

You need to dedicate study time into blocks of 40 or 50 minutes when learning how to schedule your homework. Most topics can be studied efficiently within this timeframe. There might be some topics that require less time and others that require more time. For the most part, you should be able to block off study time ranging from 40 to 50 minutes.

Take Advantage of Resources

There are plenty of resources available to you when it comes to learning how to manage your high school work. Many of them are rooted in technology. Put reminders in the calendar on your phone for assignment due dates or tests. You will receive notifications on your phone when it’s time to submit a project, a paper, or take a test. This should help you prevent missing any assignments or tests. Speak with professors when you have questions and utilize your local library and other educational resources as often as you need.

Enroll in an Online High School Program Today

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