How to do Summer School Online

June 24, 2019

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Need a boost to your GPA? Looking for credit recovery during the summer? Or, do you just want to take classes to get ahead and graduate sooner? Look no further, because Citizens' High School has programs fit for all of those! Here at CHS, students are able to personalize their academic experience to complete their unique goals. CHS offers an Online Academic Credit Recovery program, as well as an Online Summer School curriculum. 

Online Academic Credit Recovery

One of our many programs here at CHS is the Online Academic Credit Recovery program. This program allows students to retake courses they did not receive credit in, take courses at an accelerated pace to graduate sooner, or take courses in order to boost a GPA. These courses can be enrolled in at any time and there are no age or location restrictions for enrollment. By taking courses through the Online Academic Credit Recovery program, summer school will be a breeze as students can work anytime, anywhere! 

If this sounds like the perfect opportunity for you or someone you know, enrollment is a simple process that involves only 4 steps:

  • Select your course/courses from our course catalog
  • Fill out a quick application
  • Complete our short orientation
  • Begin working in the course!

Once students are enrolled in the course, they can work towards their credit at their own pace and take the competency exam to earn the course credit. For more info on CHS' Online Academic Credit Recovery program, click here

Online Summer School

Another option available at CHS for students looking to take courses online during the summer is our Online Summer School program. This program gives students the opportunity to enjoy their summer break while also keeping up with their school studies, or jumping ahead to finish quicker. By choosing online summer school, students are still able to enjoy days by the pool and summer vacations with family! CHS offers flexibility where students are able to work anywhere in the world with an Internet connection. Learn more information by visiting the program page here.

Enroll this Summer

Citizens' High School understands that summertime should be spent with family and friends, and by choosing to do online summer school with us, students will be able to have a fun-filled summer alongside reaching their goals and earning their high school diploma! Enroll today by visiting our website here or giving us a call at 800-736-4723!