Texbook Based Distance Education Still Works Best for Some Students

October 2, 2018

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Although distance learning has changed significantly over the past twenty years, texbook based distance education is still a core part of what we do at Citizens' High School. Students seeking a Tier-1 high school diploma have his or her unique reason for doing so. Whether you're a teen mom who wants to continue her education or a student athlete who lacks a couple course credits for his degree, completing your curriculum through textbook based distance education may have a distinct advantage. Moreover, you don't have to invest in a computer or have around the clock internet service to earn an accredited high school diploma. CHS will mail your course materials, work assignments, and textbooks. You then complete each segment at your own pace based on your life schedule.

Advantages and Disadvantages for Distance Learning Formats

There are a number of advantages to both formats of distance learning offered by CHS. Our online high school diploma programs offer more interaction with teachers as well as instant feedback from online forums. Students get an online feel of an interactive classroom where they can chat online and receive text messages or make posts in a similar way to participating in today's social communities. However, for other students, an online approach may be too invasive and time consuming to fit their schedule. Conversely, the flexible pace of texbook based distance education provides students with more time to focus on his or her work assignments and at their convenience. This is often a preferred method of learning for self-starters who work well independently.

Earn a Tier-1 High School Diploma at Your Own Pace

At CHS, we understand that our students needs differ. That's why we strive to provide the same quality of courses for you to earn valuable high credits and achieve the most positive learning outcomes. Our curriculum to earn a Tier-1 high school diploma requires students to complete assignments and deliver a clear understanding of the required materials whether they follow an online course format or choose a texbook based distance education program. After all, your learning experience should be just as challenging and rewarding as its counterpart in a traditional high school. Moreover, you can rest assured that the appropriate staff members will be available to help you work through any course-related problems that arise regardless of the accredited online high school diploma format you select.