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Four Ways You Can Take Civic Action

One of our goals here at CHS is to make it easy for young people to become involved in topics that matter to them. Most of the options outlined in this article can be completed entirely on the student’s own time. Learn more about our live Civics Spotlight Webinar Series or take a course with us. Tuition starts at just $79 and prospective students can enroll online, anytime.

Four Ways You Can Take Civic Action:

  1. Watch a Free ZOOM Civics Spotlight Episode.
  2. Submit your Civic Action Work or Passion Project for High School Credit.
  3. Take a Demo Course.
  4. Enroll in one of our 27 self-paced, online Civics Courses.
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1. Watch a Free ZOOM Civics Spotlight Episode

Every month our Academic Pathways Coordinator, Margo DeKoch, hosts Civics Spotlight, where we feature a guest from a civic organization or initiative. We discuss current issues facing youth and aim to get young people involved in the discussion. Current and prospective students alike are welcome to join. 

Please email academics@citizenshighschool.com to register in advance for next month’s live episode!

2. Submit your Civic Action Project for High School Credit

Did you know: Our Civic Action for Credit Project allows you to gain elective credit for making a positive impact in your community? To learn more about what qualifies as a Civic Action Project and to submit yours, please view the following links:

Be Inspired to Make change–and earn credit:

To Submit your Project:

3. Take a DEMO Civics Course

We offer prospective students a free Protest and Civic Change demo course that anyone can take online. It is self-paced, accredited, and instructed by our Director of Academics, Dr. Jennifer Blalock. Here is a brief course description:

Protest and civic change are essential elements of ensuring social justice in our communities, nation, and world. In this course, we will be learning about protest and civic change. This includes:

1. Studying the historical context of protest
2. Exploring types of protest
3. Reviewing music and poetry as forms of protest
4. Learning about profiles in protest
5. Creating your protest plan
Never underestimate your power to make a difference and influence positive change!

To take this Demo Course, please click here: https://citizenshighschool.instructure.com/courses/1798

4. Accredited Civics Courses Available

CHS Civics Courses are online, self-paced, accredited, and tuition starts at just $79. The overall program allows students the opportunity to earn high school (and, in some instances, college) credit for their writing, programs, and ideas in an academic and project-based learning environment.

Below is a complete list of all 27 civics courses that we offer. Interested students can view all of these courses in our online catalog by clicking this link: https://chs.geniussis.com/Registration.aspx?AF=51&catalog=7&_ga=2.130763082.41696380.1636981018-258332322.1626377261

  1. Directed Reading: African American Studies
  2. Introduction to Social Media
  3. Learning in a Digital World: Digital Citizenship
  4. US Government
  5. Public Health
  6. Anthropology 1
  7. Anthropology 2
  8. Sociology 1
  9. Sociology 2
  10. Careers in Criminal Justice
  11. Human and Social Services
  12. Peer Counseling
  13. Principles of Public Service
  14. Social Problems 1
  15. Social Problems 2
  16. Internship and Workplace Readiness
  17. Protest and Civic Change
  18. Life Skills Premium
  19. Citizenship
  20. Criminology
  21. Cybersecurity 1A
  22. Cybersecurity 1B
  23. Introduction to Women’s Studies
  24. Speech Communication and Debate
  25. Youth Civic Engagement and Advocacy
  26. Truth and Reconciliation Conversations
  27. Introduction to International Affairs

To view these courses on the Civics Academy Webpage, please click this link: https://citizenshighschool.com/academies/civics_academy/

Bonus: Additional Courses

Service Learning Directed Reading and Application Course
Are you ready to take the wheel and be a driver of change in your community? Enroll in our Service Learning Directed Reading and Application course to learn how your favorite non-profits and community organizations operate. Then, apply those same techniques to your community service project to earn two high school credits!

Nelson Mandela Academy
The focus of the three courses belonging to this program is to bring attention to subjects like racism and gender-based violence. Students can learn more by clicking the following link to the Academy: https://citizenshighschool.com/academies/nelson-mandela-academy/

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