Citizens Online High School releases Homeschool Admin Manager to solve admin challenges for K-12 homeschool parents

Homeschool Admin Manager organizes students’ grades, track assignments and events, and produces transcripts for students.

JACKSONVILLE, Fl, August 13th, 2020 – Citizens Online High School, a regionally and nationally accredited high school, announced the release of the Homeschool Admin Manager, an innovative solution created for homeschool families.  The product was designed in response to help the unprecedented number of parents and students transitioning to homeschooling due to the pandemic and other related reasons. Highlighted features of the product include the ability to track assignment dates and events, a comprehensive gradebook and an intelligent transcript builder that automatically adds courses upon completion.

“We are excited to announce the release of the Homeschool Admin Manager,” said Dr. James Etter, CEO of Citizens’ High School.  “We’ve served the homeschool community for nearly 40 years with accredited high school courses. The timing was right for us to unveil this product to deepen our commitment to those parents who invest in their students through homeschooling. We expect this tool will find favor from families looking to improve their homeschooling experience.”  A recent study conducted by the American Federation for Children revealed that 40% of families are more likely to “homeschool or virtual school” this year, creating a huge demand for resources related to homeschool instruction and organization.

The functionality of the product was built with the multi-tasking parent in mind. In fact, several experienced homeschool parents were involved in design tests to make sure the tool is closely aligned with the challenges and opportunities that face homeschoolers. Tamara Ward, a homeschool parent from Florida said, “I would spend almost an hour of admin work for every hour I would spend teaching when I first started homeschooling. With the Homeschool Admin Manager, I have everything I need in one place, allowing me to spend more time doing what I enjoy most, which is teaching.”

About Citizens High School

Citizens High School is a private for-profit online high school and one of the oldest actively accredited distance education high schools in the United States. The school is regionally accredited by the Middle States Association and is nationally accredited by the Distance Education Accrediting Council.  Citizens High School has provided thousands of students with learning and career pathways, leading them to social and economic stability.

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