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Citizens Success: Watch Neredys Cruz’s virtual graduation

In September 2020, Citizens Online High School recognized its first graduate of the online diploma program from Puerto Rico. Neredys Cruz was joined by her mom and grandmother as they celebrated the first person in their family to graduate from an accredited US-based high school. Making the presentation from Citizens High School included, CEO Dr Jim Etter, Chief of Academics, Dr Jennifer Blalock and Director of CHS Español Program, Yvonne Rexach.  Neredys has been accepted to and start classes at the University of Puerto Rico where she is pursuing her interest in Drama.  Please enjoy the video. Upon completion of the ceremony, Neredys and her family stayed after to answer some questions from Yvonne Rexach. The transcript from her interview is below. 

Neredys’ virtual graduation ceremony from September 2020

Neredys Cruz: Student Testimonial with Yvonne Rexach

This interview was conducted virtually in September 2020. Click on the link below to view the interview spoken in Spanish. The following is a translation of Neredys’ testimony. 

YR – What factor led to your decision to search for an online high school?

NC – I wanted to be able to manage my work schedule due to my activities outside of school and having the flexibility to choose when and where to do my school work made my decision to choose a online high school.

YR – I can imagine that when the earthquakes began in Puerto Rico, you must of felt safe being enrolled online.

NC – Yes, with the earthquakes and power outages happening in PR, I felt at ease knowing that I did not had to worry about my schooling as I was already enrolled online.

YR – How was the communication with the staff at CHS?

NC – The communication was excellent. As you and Frances were both always available when I needed assistance.

YR – Was choosing a school with a regional accreditation important in your decision?

NC – It was one of the first things I took in consideration because I was focused on graduating and the accreditation was very important for me.

YR – I can imagine how important was having an accredited high school diploma when you were applying to several Universities. Out of the several Universities you had applied, how did you felt when you got accepted from the University of Puerto Rico?

NC – It was a real honor. Moving on from high school to a University is what I was working on. And knowing that I got accepted fills me with pride.

YR – What was the communication like with CHS faculty?

NC – My communication with the teachers was super easy. It was just a matter of emailing them or leave a message with my contact number. They would immediately reach out and help me with the assignment.

YR – What was your favorite thing about Citizens High School?

NC – The most that I enjoyed about the school was the flexibility of managing my schoolwork. Also, the accessibility to communicate with you all. Always being available to assist me. The teachers were excellent. Always willing to help and even offer tutoring to me. The courses were excellent. They were not easy but not impossible to manage by myself. So, Citizens High School was one of the best decisions that I have made.

You can view the entire interview HERE

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