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Citizens Success: Q & A with Nita Cristian

Recently, we had the opportunity to host a Zoom call with Cristian Nita, a graduate of Citizens High School from Romania. Cristian has an amazing story and we are very pleased he made time to share it with us! Cristian loves Computer Science, video games and learning new things and he showed us what is possible when you put all of that passion into your school work. Cristian completed 11 credits in our High School in just over 3 months, earning exceptional grades along the way, and used these credits to get accepted into the University he favored the most – The University of London. Here is part of the Q & A with Cristian, you can view his entire interview here>>>.


Q: How did you hear about Citizens High School?

Cristian: A professor of mine wanted to help me to go to a University and he found this high school he saw the accreditations and a really good price and so he recommended it to me.

Q: What are your plans for College, have you been accepted to any schools?

Cristian: I just got accepted to the University I wanted today it’s called the Goldsmiths – University of London and I got my offer letter today!

Q: How does that make you feel to get accepted to the school of your choice?

Cristian: I’m very happy, I’m very very happy.

Q: You completed 11 courses in a little over 3 months, how did you do it?

Cristian:  In the first month I was taking breaks and doing the courses at the normal pace and then when I saw that I can complete them so fast I tried my best to to do it.

Q: What were your grades like?

Cristian: So I got only two “B” grades, and the rest of them are the maximum grade (A).

Q: What was different about Citizens High School from other schools you have attended?

Cristian: I feel that Citizens High School offers more flexibility and that I can take two courses and have much more free time for my hobbies and do whatever I like.

Q: What were your teachers like?

Cristian: Professors were always very nice. They graded my assignments very fast and they always had something nice to say about me, and about my work.

Q: Was there any particular moment with a faculty member that was most memorable for you and why?

Cristian: I think that a memorable moment was my first time I had to do a stop and discuss meeting with my professor of chemistry.  I called her her on her number and it was like a call with a friend telling him what I learned.  I really liked that.

Q: What are your favorite hobbies?

Cristian: I like learning new skills like solving a Rubik’s cube, or learning how to play chess better. I also play video games but most of my time I study; I keep studying. I study computer science and I really like it.

Q: Are there any people who have supported you along the way that you would like to mention?

Cristian: I would just want to thank my mother for supporting me, for wanting to pay for this diploma and to thank Adrian Negreanu for finding this high school, and helping motivate me every time that I was being lazy or feeling down.

Thank you Cristian! 




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