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The Mathis Family from Franklin, Tn

Citizens Success: Q & A with Levi & Holly Mathis

Levi Mathis is a sophomore from Franklin, Tennessee who was nominated by Citizens High School staff for her academic excellence, achieving a 4.0 grade point average during her Freshman year. Levi, and her mom, Holly Mathis, recently joined a member of our staff for a zoom call to discuss what it was like learning with Citizens Online High School. We are very grateful for Holly and Levi taking the time to join us for this Q & A:

Q: What factor led to your decision to search for an online high school for Levi?

Holly: My daughter, Levi, was wanting to explore different experiences in education. She believed she could go faster in a different situation, and we were looking for a school that would let her go at her own pace.

Q: What was your first impression of Citizens High School?

Holly: It was very easy to communicate with the administration and get an idea of what the school was all about and how things would go. We were happy with our decision!

Q: What was the communication like with Citizens High School faculty?

Holly: We didn’t know what to expect from an online high  school. I didn’t know if it would be easy to get in touch with the teachers. It was. It was so easy. The communication was stellar all the way through.

Q: Was choosing a school with a regional accreditation important in your decision?

Holly: It was really important to us that the online high school that we chose had an accreditation that would transfer anywhere. And the regional accreditation at Citizens High School is transferable. We were confident that she could graduate, whatever happens, so it was kind of a no-brainer.

Q: What was your experience like working with Citizens’ Staff?

Holly: I just really appreciated having a point person, and for me it was Ms. Harmony Salvatore. She walked me through the process and made it so easy. I just felt like there was always someone who was going to answer at the other end of the phone if I had any problems or concerns. I really appreciated the hands-on approach from the administration.

You can view Holly’s interview HERE

Q: What did you like most about taking classes at Citizens High School?

Levi: I really enjoyed taking classes at Citizens High School because I got to manage my own time and spend my free time doing my other activities outside of school like music. So, it was really nice to work on my own schedule.

Q: What was different about Citizens’ High School from other schools you have attended?

Levi: The difference between Citizens High School and the other schools I’ve been to is that I got to work at my own pace, and also my teachers were always accessible. I could contact them whenever I needed help and they would get back to me within a day, so that was nice.

Q: What were your teachers like?

Levi: The teacher engagement was really good, my teachers were all very sweet, and they always got back to me. I did have a problem at one point and I was able to get on a phone call with my teacher and get it worked out, so it was nice to know they were there to help me with the problem I was having.

Q: Would you recommend Citizens Online High School to a friend?

Levi: I would definitely recommend Citizens High School to my friends because I think it is really good to experience online school. And, I think the courses were definitely a good challenge – they weren’t too easy or too hard. I felt like the courses were well-adjusted for my academic level.

You can view Levi’s interview HERE

Levi is planning to attend college in her home state of Tennessee upon graduation and pursue a degree in Business. Outside of school, Levi sings and plays piano at the Liberty Music Academy not far from her home. Her favorite music genre is jazz.

All of us at Citizens High School wish Levi continued success in her academic journey and we thank Holly and Levi for spending some of their time with us for this interview!


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