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Reasons why Citizens High School is right for you:

  • You want to enroll in courses that are accredited and accepted by US High Schools
  • You want the freedom  to take one course, or several courses at a time
  • You want to earn credits to graduate and then get that job you want
  • You want to earn credits to graduate and get into the college or university of your dreams
  • You want to take high school courses to make up for those you need to graduate
  • You want to retake some courses and improve your GPA

A one-size-fits-all approach to learning doesn’t work for everyone. At Citizens High School, students have the freedom to earn an accredited high school diploma on their terms with more choices than traditional schools when it comes to course selection, schedule and outcomes!

Pandemic Information:  Our online high school program offers year-round, open admissions. Enroll in high school courses at any time. Work independently of your local school and graduate at your own pace, or supplement your local school curriculum by taking individual courses with us. 

Other things you can do:

Citizens High School Advantages

  • Simple enrollment process, allows you to start your courses the same day you enroll

  • Learn from easy to follow engaging lessons designed by subject matter experts in their respective fields

  • State Certified Teachers are there to guide, assist and encourage you at every step of your studies.  You are never allowed to struggle or lose focus, you will succeed

  • Regionally and Nationally Accredited High School
  • Choose from an extensive list of accredited courses and electives 
  • Receive credit for previous courses you completed at your local high school allowing you to take only the credits necessary
CHS Espanol Academy
Accelerate your graduation by working at your own pace.
Diploma for Career | 18 Credits

Fulfills high school diploma requirements in order to Graduate and move on to a career!

$129 per month
Diploma for College | 24 Credits

Fulfills all high school graduation and diploma requirements, PLUS additional coursework required for college and university admissions

$129 per month
accredited online high school

What parents are saying about CHS:

We didn’t know what to expect from an online high school. I didn’t know if it would be easy to get in touch with the teachers. It was. It was so easy. The communication was stellar all the way through.

Holly Mathis

For almost 40 years CHS has provided accredited high school courses for thousands of students. 

With regional and national accreditation – CHS is the trusted name in online High School education. To learn more about our accreditation, please visit our accreditation page

Explore the courses available in our Individual Course Catalog.

Online Individual Courses

Transfer credit to your local high school. 

Courses start at $79 per month/per course

Citizens High School Diploma Offline

Self-paced, distance learning courses and diploma pathways for students who prefer textbooks

Not everyone is keen on the idea of studying entirely online when it comes to earning a high school diploma. Citizens Accredited Online High School’s correspondence program provides students with an offline, textbook-based distance learning experience that provides the opportunity to earn a high school diploma from anywhere in the world. Our offline students use textbooks that we’ve created to help complete coursework independently – allowing them to innovate the way they graduate.

What CHS Online Courses Look Like.

Our online high school curriculum is designed by industry experts and taught by state-certified teachers with engaging lessons and interactive activities which make CHS the enjoyable way to learn.

Join the thousands of students that have chosen Citizens High School!

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Online High School Options

Whether you need a full course path to get an accredited High School diploma, or just want to take some Individual Courses, we have exactly  what you need.  

Diploma for a
Better Job

Tired of the same old dead end jobs?  Finally graduate and move  on up!

CHS Espanol Academy
Diploma to Get
Into College

Prepare yourself  for the next step in your academic journey with our 24 credit hour diploma track . 

e 3

Browse our catalog to see over 100 exciting courses you can take for credit  or for fun!

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