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with the Truth & Reconciliation Conversation Course

In a time of social and political unrest, it can often feel like the country is divided in ways like never before. We believe that the first step towards reconciliation is open dialogue.

Citizens High School aims to bridge the conversation gap by offering a neutral platform for discussions to occur. 

The TRC course provides a framework for individuals to engage in powerful, transforming conversations to help lead social change in your community. 

Organized into two sections:

  • The first half of the course is a self-paced, virtual workshop that will guide participants through how to engage, and later facilitate, difficult conversations.
  • The second half of the course encourages students to reflect upon their new knowledge and then continue the conversations through blogging or vlogging. 

Though Citizens is an Accredited High School and institutions around the country accept our course credits,  if you are concerned about your instructions accepting them, CHS offers Guaranteed Transfer Credit; click here to learn more.

How You Can use the Truth & Reconciliation Course

The Truth & Reconciliation Conversations Course is not your typical online course.  Yes, you can earn high school credit from it or earn a completion certificate.  However, this course is an action course that goes throughout the community, anywhere a conversation can be had you can utilize this course.  Below are just of the ways you can utilize this course:

  • Join up with other students at your school and start a Truth & Reconciliation Conversation club
  • Host meetings at your church where you bring together all races and ethnicities to have a conversation
  • Bring together individuals in your neighborhood and have living room conversations
  • Put together a Facebook Group and invite people from across the country and globe to join in the conversation
  • Pull together local community leaders and organizers to sit down and have conversations with individuals from all different backgrounds
To receive your free access to the TRC Conversation Course simply fill out the form post below and you will receive an email with a link to the course.

Citizens High School is strongly supportive of creating a dialogue on racial equality and social justice. That’s why we are a Title Sponsor of the Truth and Reconciliation Conversations Global Summit. As educators, we feel it is our responsibility to be a part of the conversation and to facilitate the sharing of ideas.

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