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For almost 40 years CHS has provided accredited High School Diploma pathways in Spanish to thousands of students in the United States and internationally. We are the trusted name in education. 

Reasons why the online high school Español Course Program is right for you:

Español Program Advantages

  • Courses specifically designed with you in mind to deliver parallel dual language instruction allowing you to study in either Spanish and English
  • Move back and forth between Spanish and English languages as your skill and comfort level grows
  • We provide you with dedicated Bilingual State Certified Teachers who are there to assist both students and parents
  • Engaging lessons designed by our experts in their respective fields of study to better prepare you for your chosen career or college 
  • Receive Credit for previous courses you completed at your local high school or high school in your own country

Watch the video for a demonstration of a CHS side-by-side online course.

Online Courses & Diploma Programs

Your path to success starts here by selecting from our Two Spanish Language High School Diploma Pathways

Diploma for Career | 18 Credits

$ 129 Per Month
  • Fulfills high school diploma requirements in order to graduate and move on to a career.
  • 3 year program
  • 6 credits per year
  • Language learning aids available
  • Must complete 25% of the credits with CHS to earn diploma

High School Credits Required for Career Studies Graduation

Our 18 credit hour career diploma track is designed to provide you an academic foundation, while also helping prepare you for your career.

Your path to a new career starts here. Program features include:

Do you want to go to College or University ?

Diploma for College | 24 Credits

$ 129 Per Month
  • Fulfills high school diploma requirements, plus additional coursework required for college admissions.
  • 4 year program
  • 6 credits per year
  • Most courses available in English or Spanish
  • Must complete 25% of the credits with CHS to earn diploma

High School Credits Required for College Diploma Program

Our 24 credit online high school diploma for college track supplies essential coursework in key areas of study with the flexibility to customize class selection to reflect areas that interest you. 

Your path to college starts here. Program features include:

Though Citizens is an Accredited High School and institutions around the country accept our course credits,  if you are concerned about your institutions accepting them, CHS offers Guaranteed Transfer Credit; click here to learn more.

Alternatively enroll in one of our unique Spanish language online individual courses

CHS Español individual online high school courses are the perfect option for:

Though Citizens is an Accredited High School and institutions around the country accept our course credits,  if you are concerned about your institutions accepting them, CHS offers Guaranteed Transfer Credit; click here to learn more.

About the Español and English High School Courses Program

Flexibility – Your Learning, Your Choices, Your Time
Unlike a traditional school, our students are enrolled in only two courses at a time. Our self-paced curriculum provides students the flexibility of completing their coursework within a 16-week timeframe.  This focused learning framework allows students to explore their knowledge on a deeper level. Learn More

Fully Accredited
Citizens High School is the second oldest nationally accredited distance learning high school in the U.S.  CHS is also regionally accredited just like your local public school.  Learn More

Transfer Credits
At Citizens High School we will accept up to 75% of credits that you have previously earned.  This can reduce your overall costs by up to $3,564.  Learn More

Online Individual Courses

$ 79 Per Course Per Month
  • Transfer credit to your local high school.
  • 4, 8, 16-weeks program, or take up to a year to complete
  • Self-paced, take your time or accelerate your learning
  • Monthly tuition ends when your individual course is completed

Want to sample a course?

World History Espanol 

World History course consists of the following content area strands: World History, Geography, and Humanities. This course is a continued in-depth study of the history of civilizations and societies from the middle school course, and includes the history of civilizations and societies of North and South America. You will be exposed to historical periods leading to the beginning of the 21st Century so that you can clearly see the relationship between cause and effect in historical events, you will have the opportunity to review those fundamental ideas and events from ancient and classical civilizations.

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Words from our students

The teachers were excellent, always willing to help and even offer tutoring to me. The courses were excellent. They were not easy, but not impossible for me to manage by myself. So, (choosing) Citizens High School was one of the best decisions that I have made.

Neredys Cruz, Citizens High School Graduate

This was a new way of studying for me. It was really hard, because my English was not the best. At some point I thought that I could not make it. I felt I was slowly giving up or that I was losing my strength. When I was feeling like that God put my family, friends, and you guys to help me and gave me the boost that I needed. Since then I said to myself “This is the road you have to go through if you want to get to the finish line and begin with your life”. So every day, even when I was not feeling my best, I tried a little bit, and step by step I was nearer to the goal. Now I can say that I crossed the finish line and I’m in my way to begin with my life.

Norhemis Aquino, Citizens High School Graduate


The Español Pathway is a resource to support students whose primary language is Spanish. This resource will provide the courses in a side by side format in both languages: English and Spanish.

No. All the assignments and exams are in English. The modules are in a side by side format in both languages.

No. There is no English proficiency exam required, but we do recommend having a competency of beginner level in English to enroll in the course.

We recommend Duolingo as a free learning tool for Language learners. It’s free and easy to use and can be accessed from your smartphone.

The only documents we request are official transcripts if you have previous high school credits. We make it that easy!

Yes. We would evaluate your transcript, and transfer as many credits as possible. A Student Services team member will then contact you with the results.

Yes. We will be happy to evaluate your credits, for further information please contact our CHS Student Services Department where one of our qualified staff will be happy to assist: email studentservices@citizenshighschool.com or call us at 1-800-736-4723 

Yes, just complete the online enrollment form on the CHS Español Program Page or alternatively call our CHS Admissions Department directly 1-800-736-4723   

Yes, studying at CHS is flexible and geared toward your satisfaction and success.  If you wish to switch to another program just contact Student Services directly at: studentservices@citizenshighschool.com or call us at 1-800-736-4723.

Although we are regionally and nationally accredited, each country has their own requirements when applying to their universities. Please contact the university of your preference to find out their specific admission requirements

Yes, we do. Please email Student Services at studentservices@citizenshighschool.com or call us at 1-800-736-4723 for more information.

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