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The CHS Civic and Social Academy develops future leaders by channeling their passion today.  You might be the next….

Reasons why the CHS Civics and Social Academy is right for you:

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The CHS Social & Civics Action Academy:

  • Connects the community of action and justice to the classroom, allowing student leaders to pursue their passion while learning and leading. 
  • Offers engaging lessons designed by subject matter experts to better provide you with a solid academic foundation.
  • Empowers youth to develop leadership skills and deploy them to promote community transformation and action about current issues 
  • Provides youth leaders with the voice to become agents of civic change and action on the local, state, national and global level.
  • Provides students the opportunity to earn high school (and in some instances, college) credit for their writing, programs, and ideas in an academic and project-based learning environment. 
  • Allows you to study at your own pace and on your own terms with 24/7 access to courses.
  • Guarantees that all online courses are accredited, taught by state certified teachers who are able to assist and help you succeed.  
  • Ensures an easy transfer of credits to your own high school.

CHS believes student voice matters. Their passions, ideas and energy truly can change the world, one student at a time. Our courses provide the skills, information and knowledge to help guide and direct their passion into purpose, while earning high school credit.  

Social and Civics Studies Courses

Directed Reading: African American Studies
Introduction to Social Media
Learning in a Digital World: Digital Citizenship
US Government
Public Health
Anthropology 1
Anthropology 2
Sociology 1
Sociology 2
Careers in Criminal Justice
Human and Social Services
Peer Counseling
Principles of Public Service
Social Problems 1
Social Problems 2
Internship and Workplace Readiness
Protest and Civic Change
Life Skills Premium
Cybersecurity 1A
Cybersecurity 1B
Introduction to Women’s Studies
Speech Communication and Debate
Youth Civic Engagement and Advocacy
Truth and Reconciliation Conversations
Introduction to International Affairs

Coming Soon

Advocacy in Action: The Legacy of Nelson Mandela
Critical Thinking
Criminal Justice Reform
Directed Studies-Global Cultures & History
Arabic 1
Arabic 2
French 1
French 2
German 1
German 2
Mandarin 1
Mandarin 2
Directed Reading: Social Justice
Introduction to Modern Political Thought
Education and Psychology of Incarceration
Service Learning and Leadership
Student Leadership
Introduction to Civics
Principles of Public Service

For almost 40 years COHS has provided accredited High School Diploma pathways to thousands of students.

With regional and national accreditation  – CHS is the trusted name in online high school education. To learn more about our accreditation, please visit our accreditation page.  

Any student – public, private, or homeschool – can augment their local school academic needs. You can think of CHS courses as simply additional courses to your local school catalog.

The CHS Social & Civic Action Academy is THE most affordable online program dedicated to building and empowering emerging young leaders. 

Your path to success starts here for only $79 per month for an individual course . 

What does a CHS Course Look Like?

Protest and Civic Change

Protest and civic change are essential elements of ensuring social justice in our communities, our nation, and our world. In this course, we will be learning about protest and civic change.

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Online Courses & Diploma Programs

Get started in one of our diploma tracks with a focus in Civics and Social Action, or select individual courses from the Civics and Social Action catalog and transfer them to your school.

Online Individual Courses

$ 79 Per Course Per Month
  • Transfer credit to your local high school.
  • 4,8,16-weeks program, or take up to a year to complete
  • Self-paced, take your time or accelerate your learning
  • Monthly tuition ends when your individual course is completed

Diploma for College | 24 Credits

$ 129 Per Month
  • Fulfills high school diploma requirements, plus additional coursework required for college admissions.
  • 4 year program
  • 6 credits per year
  • Most courses available in English or Spanish
  • Must complete 25% of the credits with CHS to earn diploma

Diploma for Career | 18 Credits

$ 129 Per Month
  • Fulfills high school diploma requirements in order to graduate and move on to a career.
  • 3 year program
  • 6 credits per year
  • Language learning aids available
  • Must complete 25% of the credits with CHS to earn diploma

Citizens Success: Neredys Cruz

The teachers were excellent, always willing to help and even offer tutoring to me. The courses were excellent. They were not easy, but not impossible for me to manage by myself. So, (choosing) Citizens High School was one of the best decisions that I have made.

Neredys Cruz, Citizens High School Graduate

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